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Phone (717) 845-4846
Fax (717) 845-5181
Fax number is for professional and patient use only. No solicitation.

Phone Calls

Our staff will gladly assist you by phone during office hours with questions about your care. After office hours an on-call Physician is available for urgent questions and emergencies only.


Our Medical Secretaries and Nurses are qualified to answer many common patient questions. More complicated questions will be forwarded to the Physician or Physician Assistant, and the Nurse or Medical Secretary will then call you back with an answer. Phone care is limited to simple problems and follow-up of office visits. Since many diseases have similar symptoms, most requests for treatment will require an office visit to ensure an accurate diagnosis. For this reason, antibiotics are not prescribed over the phone.


Please call during regular office hours for prescription refills. This enables us to review your chart and keep an accurate record of your medications. When calling, please be prepared to tell the secretary the medication name and strength, and the name and location of your pharmacy. You may also request refills through WebView (what is WebView?)