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What is a mid-level provider?

A mid-level provider, sometimes referred to as a physician extender, is a clinical medical professional who provides patient care under the supervision of a physician. Mid-levels include nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA). They are neither a Physician or a Physician-trainee. Mid-level providers can examine patients, diagnose them, provide some treatments and prescribe most medications.

What can a mid-level provider do?

A mid-level provider can diagnose and treat the majority of problems that present to a Family Practice office. His skills and duties include:
  • Performing complete physical examinations
  • Well child and infant check-ups
  • Diagnosing and treating acute illnesses
  • Diagnosing and treating chronic illnesses
  • Writing prescriptions
  • Laceration repairs and minor surgery
  • Ordering blood tests, x-rays, and EKGs

Will I have to choose between the Physician adn the Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant?

We encourage patients to see both the Physician and the Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant. When making an appointment, you will be able to choose who you would like to see. There may be some time periods, however, when the provider you prefer to see is not available.