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Spring Garden Family Practice is seeking a part-time LPN or Medical Assistant.

Anticipated Schedule:

Approximately 17-20 hrs per week.

Tuesday 7:30AM - Close (~5:30-6pm)
Friday 7:30AM - Close (~4:00-4:30pm)

Must be available to cover for vacations and illness.

Minimum Requirements:

This position requires successful completion of an accredited LPN or Medical Assistant program and a High School diploma or GED equivalent.
Duties and Responsibilities:

1 Obtain and document reason for visit and patient vital signs into electronic medical record.
2 Assist providers with examinations and procedures.
3 Collect and process specimens.
4 Keep exam rooms stocked with required supplies.
5 Sterilize equipment as required.
6 Administer vaccines/injections.
7 Document and process prescription renewals.
8 Perform basic office procedures, eg EKGs, ear lavage, audiometry, bronchodilator treatments, vision tests.
9 Adhere to HIPAA privacy regulations.